Virus Entry 36

This is the week it all changed

Dominic Cummings and the Prime Minister have tried to draw a line underneath his obvious breaking the rules. As if because they say so then that’s what will happen. Some people have fallen for it. I find it chilling. It’s so dark that the whole thing has happened. However now they’ve said it’s ok for them to break the rules it has totally undermined almost every institution. Wreckers. It’s mad that some people have not only allowed this but some have even said it’s wing to question them. I feel lost.

This evening I heard a live comedy show on radio 4. From Singapore, Joburg, Finland and London. With an audience. Which was great because they were reacting live. And alive but in sound booths wherever watching screens and listening in and having their noises, laughter in particular, so that we can appreciate that too. It really works. If you have any shares in anything travel related now is a bear market all the way down. People simply don’t need to travel anymore. They will want to however the need to travel to the office, school, international working and all the associated time, has style and expense has an alternative!

See what we can achieve when we need to.

My birthday yesterday was really lovely. Some sadness too as Pam did Arthur’s funeral. The afternoon was spent in the sun in the back garden which is looking really good. I’ve completed the stage. Sound system went up and we chilled to my first two shows. Nice music.

The evening was a zoom party with people dropping in etc. So lovely. Duncan and Adam separately but both in Joburg. Louise, Spencer, Roger, Daf, Ed, Lambert, Gomton and all of us here out the back under the stars. today Boris announced further easing. We all know that the data is flawed. R rate 0.9 So madness!! But the people with vested interests want us back to work. Because money. So apparently we must get back to spreading the disease. We’ll see how it develops.

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