Virus 37

The statue of Colston was pulled down today.

In Bristol, 15 miles from here, the statue was pulled down and dragged to the dock and slung in!

After 300 years of being there - celebrating the man who made his money out of the slave trade. Dumped in the very dock his human goods were sold from.

The last week has been awful. I can only imagine what my brothers and sisters must be going through. After the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis ten days ago the mood here and in USA has turned. It’s horrific. Now is surely the time for apologies and reparations. I cannot understand why the racist view is even there. What is wrong with people?

Lockdown has been eased and the Dominic Cummings story rattles on - I’m sure it will drag the prime minister down. But the gibbon won’t resign - he has no shame. I predict, sadly , that things will only get worse. It seems like these Bullingdon Club bullies and their evil allies are intent on litrerally smashing every institution. Public trust has vanished - the toilet roll grabbing public.

Very bad news about the state of the whole cultural sector.

Virus is up.

The future is more opaque now than ever before. I’m busting myself with preparations for Edge Music Festival.

Who knows what success it will be. At least we are learning things as we go. Not least today I interviewed Boo. It was lovely. People respond to telephone numbers, she told me. What a good idea.

Joe Alessi thing in a few days. Springboard time for me and Mr Trombone I think!

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