Virus entree 35


Dominic Cummings, current chief advisor to Johnson has broke the guidelines as set out by the government concerning travel from London to Durham. Whilst infected with the virus. To actually go to some parents. Twice.

Very very obviously he should resign. And if not then marching orders. It’s a clear breach, will weaken the public resolve to keep social distancing and is a really shitty thing to do.

People have died and been buried with many of their friends and families not able to attend because of the very same guidelines.

Something stinks. Is it a rouse? Are they actually egging the virus on? Why would he do this? It can’t be a mistake. But to involve your own family? Dark.

indidnthe second show today. I’ve not been this excited about anything for a long time. It’s refreshing and has unlocked some creativity.

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