Virus entry 34

There’s no time.

Life has become full up. It’s a bewildering experience. There’s now no edge between work, home, fun, creating, concern, communication, family, future, dining, health and a zillion other things.

To try and describe everything that’s happening at the moment, the backstory, the links, the dead ends, the plans, the worry, the sadness, the considerable emotional rollercoaster, the duty, the massive highs, the love, the joy, the appreciation and the philosophical approach I’m cheering myself on with would take as much time and energy as it is taking to actually live it in real time.

Last Saturday was the first broadcast of my music show. I loved it!!

I’m continuing to love it all this week and I’m looking forward, excitedly for the next one.

Spoke to Matt Parry today. Scheherazade with Brian Blessed and Rory Bremner was discussed and plans being investigated.


Interviews with Rhydian and Tony.

Zoom with Dunc last night. A very intimate moment between two men that care for each other over two continents was a highlight. Seeing the lads is like a tonic. Spencer, Lambert, Gomton joined.

Saw Barry today. Good developments with pupils and students. Finally getting organised.

Ian Brown was playing his horn for the clap. It’s very life affirming. To walk around where you live and ‘bump’ into friends is an amazing feeling. He was sounding great. Marcus told me yesterday, amid golf plans, that he has been practicing every day. There’s suddenly teaching resources all over the place! He must have chops of steel.

Little feelings of stirrings of a gossamer idea of maybe some kind of brass festival in July or whenever. Could do it virtually and hopefully in person. A bit. I’ve been looking around Dursley for outside venues. My attitude is anything goes at the moment. Don’t say no to anything.

PMLD project is being worked on. This is close to my heart and I really want to make a good effort with it.

Chris has done us a voice over for the show. At home we had fun with making the voiceover for the show too.

I’ve suggested debb records the Percy the Park Keeper stories. Really hope she feels up for it.

I haven’t watched the news for two days.

I spent an afternoon doing some research into reality. It seems that how the rest of the world who, of course have better things to worry about, see us very different to how we see ourselves. In fact what the BBC and other main broadcasters would have us believe is even different to what the actual people in this drama are doing and saying.

For example I saw Richie Sunka, the Chancellor, being interviewed on Al Jazeera tv. What he said was different to what the beeb told us he said.

I have posted a few things especially on Facebook and the resulting comments from others are brilliant. You get to see some different angles. Some people make assumptions and assume wrong nuances but most people are very good natured. It’s fun to imagine the elders of a tribe discussing things and occasionally people get cross or laugh or whatever but there’s obviously no fear of violence so you can turn it off or just leave it and it dies down again to be replaced by another bubble of ideas.

Apart from the death and the concern about the future both socially and in an economic frame, I’m actually enjoying the ride.

My capacity for love has grown and I’m a much better person without the booze. My brain is healthy and I’ve lost weight.

Having known for a while that I posses the perfect face for radio it’s really lovely to finally ease into the chair.

Michael Bonaventure the really gifted and fantastic composer reached out to me today. It’s just brilliant. If this is life. Then it makes me happy.

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