Virus entry 33

Rollercoaster of a day.

Very sad frustrated and deflated today deciding to close the music centre. Many reasons but the main one being there was only two there on Saturday. I can’t be effective if I’m constantly improvising so my time will be spent better actually working with those two. There are others. Audit underway.

Also some very difficult nonsense from an educational establishment that I (to date) work for. I complained about the extra work load and enquired how much I will be paid bearing in mind that I’m on a zero hour contract. They quoted one of the clauses at me. And they’re wrong because the extra work they are asking me to do is clearly marketing. That’s not covered by the clause or the contract itself. But the vague threat that it’s for my own good doesn’t help.

But then, amid being told off by some parent for not replying to an imaginary email that my non response has upset her daughter and that’s why she wasn’t coming to music centre, had a call with Jason Titley. Im going to have a go at my own radio show. So one door closes....

Oh and today. Travelling into Wales becomes an offence.

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