Virus entry 26

I added to a poll today

It was asking if you were working from home were you

A loving it and wished you had done it sooner or

B missed going to work.

80% went for A. Not sure sample size.

We will not be going back to how things were. I’m certain now neo liberalism is finished and a new world has begun.

I just hope USA doesn’t hit back (at China?)

There is open talk that America is finished. They have lost whatever race they thought they were in.

Influence? Power?

I’ve heard talk of a global cease fire!! All war. All fighting. All hatchets buried. All grudges forgotten.

If not now then when?

It’s species defining stuff.

You could hit back by asking: Globalisation finished? Then what Nationalism? But as John Lennon said: Imagine there’s no countries (or Heaven). Might I humbly suggest humanism. We all behave human to each other? And respect and even love one another? The thing we’ve been fighting over since the birth of civilisation is called scarcity.

We are coming to the end of that now. We have reached and gone way beyond consumerism. For everybody on the planet to have an American’s average lifestyle we need 7 planets. Not going to happen. And although space is very big and full of resources we won’t go there anytime soon. So humanism then? Let’s work together?

For all these lovely ideas I also report what the BBC weatherman said recently:

Don’t forget to keep social distancing.

Don’t forget????? Who’s going to forget that? As if somebody watches the weather, then heard him say that and thought ‘oh yeah - good job he told me! I forgot’

Great music centre today! Did goats and Dean popped in!

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