Virus entry 24


The price of oil is -$40 a barrel. Yes minus.

Too much talk of ending lockdown.

I had a very productive day. Especially on my trombone. I’ve been asked to record a part for a thing. It’s Jurassic Park and a big blow. Lovely! Something to get my teeth into. However my chops were fatigued to early. Better tomorrow.

A funny thing happened today. As it’s the first school day back after Easter I had reached out to see if I could get the music centre stuff back from rednock. It will be useful going forward. From home. Just after lunchtime I got a call. I didn’t quite catch the full name but got David. Now the estate manager at rednock is called David and he was talking about some financial stuff to do with the music centre and the school. After a while, during which I had been chatting about goodness knows what Ingot the feeling this David was after something else. I asked him what was his role within the school? ‘I’m the headmaster’. Doh! It was actually a very positive conversation and helped me explain to him where we are and where we want to go.

Big learning curve today whilst bringing together strands for some vids. I’m very lucky to have such a brilliant bit of kit. I’m very much at the edge of what I can do. It feels good to expand my bubble in a new and interesting area.

22 million registered unemployed in USA. There was a Shiite in Nova Scotia yesterday. Not sure there’s an obvious link but I’ve long thought that our American brothers and sisters will find this virus difficult. The method of saving lives involves cooperation and doing as you are told ie don’t work and maintain social distancing. Believe it or not I’ve seen reports of Americans actually protesting against the lockdown. As Debbie says it’s survival of the fittest. In this case being fit means in your head - clear thinking. And drop the ‘sod you’ attitude. It will kill more people.

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