Virus entry 21

Littleton passed away today.

She was my mate’s lovely 17 year old little terrier cross. Great pub dog - loved a pint. She was like a little silent yoda. We all loved her and she and Louis were close. Very sad.

The numbers are much worse today. Yesterday was the grim 10,000 mark. Today it’s more than 11,500. The press are spinning this as the beginning of the flattening of the curve. I’m reminded that (please excuse the unforgivable Orwell paraphrase) ‘as much as Winston tried to see 4; he really wanted to see 4. He knew that pain would involve him seeing anything other than 4. All he could see were the 3 fingers being held up.’

It obvious maths. But apparently there has only been a raise of 700 deaths today. Only? Honestly. I have a rage inside me towards those people trying to gaslight a whole country. There is a gossamer thread of respect for these people and if the public don’t believe what they are being told then they might break the rules and end up killing even more people.

In the news: the number of deaths read out by the government only includes deaths in hospital! It’s rife in care homes - they are not counted - could be another 1,000. And deaths at home are not counted. Unknown number??

Had a sort of verbal spider diagram chat with Deb today. Really helped. I got some stuff down on paper too. There’s about five projects spinning in my head at the moment. All really enjoyable. Meetings tomorrow with Adam, Pam and Chris Augustine. I need a tech support meeting with Apple too. Need Seb to come back to my reach out. Had a brilliant chat with Paddy D today. He’s going to storyboard 3 billy goats with me. Had more response from WNO Orch people. All good. I like being me at the moment. It’s right on the edge of what I can do. But my mind is very active and it’s fun. There is a general direction and I’m happy with that.

Better days ahead.

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