Virus entry 20

Why is Germany doing so much better than Uk?

They did loads of testing at the beginning. Then they knew where the virus was and closed it down. Us? Herd immunity!!!! This government is guilty of manslaughter.

Just in case there is any doubt about this please bear in mind WHO advice: Test, Test, Test.

Dreadful stuff coming from the radio. Lack of PPE in care workers is really bad.

10000 Uk deaths today. ‘Uk faves worst numbers in Uk’ lots of questions why? Answer. Herd immunity.

Johnson at chequers now. He has said that the nhs saved his life. No question.

It’s all very sobering. Is it a peak? How many waves are ahead of us? I’m trying to think of the future. Lots of things to do. I’ve not been lazy and it feels like so much to do.

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