Virus 27


Durham county council have said that 45% of Covid deaths are in care homes. So the data is totally wrong. Extrapolating that then there have been another 10,000 deaths nationally. So the real figure of deaths is way higher than the government are letting on.

A further problem is that social care providers are going out of business because they can’t make ends meet. It must be scary to be in that sector. There’s no PPE for the staff and the most vulnerable are going to be without care. In the UK. In 2020.

I’ve tweeted a bit today about Boris being back at work and the NHS being blamed. We have a massive problem and we are going to have an enormous fight to get to the truth. I’m UK. In 2020. It’s nightmare stuff. Apparently Cummings has been in the SAGE panel too. We actually have psychopaths on power.

Oh and food has doubled in price since about a month ago.

You’re reading this in the future and may know how this plays out. Right now it seems obvious to me that the economic model set out by Mrs Thatcher et al has totally failed. Capitalism has failed. Conservativismnhas failed. We rapidly need to change our thinking.

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