Moany Mcmoanface

Further to my moan yesterday

Here’s a little thought experiment. When I play live music/opera I’m directly involved in the ‘product’ being ‘delivered’ live. The company trusts me to play the music, live, to a very high standard. In fact in order to get the job in the first place I had to audition then go through a trial period (2 years!) and was up against the best other guys all wanting the job and practicing all the time to try and get it. So if after all that and my 14 years with the company added to my 25 years professional exp before that - I’m trusted by the company to be good. So why, now, has a non musician got the power to decide whether any of the stuff I’ve produced goes out to our audience or not? If we don’t do anything during lockdown then potentially the company won’t have a future. It’s extremely frustrating. I’m not trying to be difficult here. I’m simply asking about the artistic credentials of the person saying no.

If fact - apart from the conductors and repitateurs who else is in the company to actually make calls about the quality of music we produce? The marketing dept? Really?

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