Virus entry 25

A mixed day of highs and lows today. I had various stages of adrenaline and nice endorphins today when I completed and posted the goats video. Many positives and well wishes. It was a lot of fun doing it.

Less happy about the time spent on data protection and other complicated loose ends. It’s all necessary but I fear for the minds of good professionals having to worry about such stuff. It takes away energy from the thing one is supposed to be doing. Yes. This is code for something else. Alas. Blogs are public. I must be careful.

So in that spirit I’ll post something about a frustrating low point. It’s particularly upsetting being told by a non musician working for a (music) company that I work for that my music is not wanted. In the pandemic. My music ideas, lessons and yes videos (by the way a simple medium for telling stories with music) are all directly related to a large chunk of the output of the company. I quote ‘we are flat out doing things that involve others (not the musicians in the company) and don’t have time or space for your ideas’ Other educators were mentioned too. It’s rude.

Anzac biscuits are back though. Made by Mollie.

Lots of ideas to work on. Might try the Royal Opera. See if they are interested. Speaking of Royal - its the Queen’s 94th birthday.

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