Virus entry 22

Well it’s gone. Sanity that is. The NHS and social care are screaming for PPE and testing. The health sec Matt Hancock has offered a new brand and a badge. Yep. A badge. Hypernormalisation eat your heart out. This is proper bonkers. And the press keep asking/pressuring when will we come out of lockdown. And what? Walk unto death through the valley of Macdonald’s and Dyson hoovers?

I’ve been a bit burnie (the candle at both ends) lately. WNO vs WNO Orch for eg. Or. close and worrying cases of bad health. Learning tech stuff. Endless calls and zooms. Lovely lovely people. We are a good bunch. I’m very lucky to have such amazing friends and colleagues. The pupils students and families are also brilliant.

We’re right in the middle of the storm now. The figures are meaningless. What do they include? If most of the data is extrapolated from the tests than it’s a joke. Because there isn’t by far enough tests. Some deaths?? Are not being counted because there are not enough tests.

Today was also the first official extension of lockdown. For another three weeks.

Adam in joburg speaking to our virtual pub last night talked about a tighter lockdown with the sale of alcohol and tobacco made illegal. (He is ok he has enough - phew)but there was concern for our brothers in townships. And others. Great to see Matt baker too. In his shed.

Trump is desperate to open up the US economy again. He can fool some of the people some of the time. But not all of the people all of the time. They have no healthcare for a large percentage of the population, no social security and now 22million umemployed. And guns.

Sadly there is no talk at all about how things have changed. The press are obsessed with getting back to normal. It’s fantasy. People have realised that they don’t have to travel to work, for example. The roads will be less busy in the future. Public transport different too. So all plans, funding and thinking about infrastructure and economic models will have to change. The train operating companies will have to change their plans. Not enough commuters. And the market answer? Higher prices? They will go out of business. So cap in hand to the government. But what justification? Why not nationalise? Climate concerns. It’s all up in the air. Some of it for the better.

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