30. Into the numbers higher than 30

We’re now the highest number of deaths in Europe.

Cyber spies apparently are doing things. Trying to get the antidote.

I feel weary today. My work is very busy. Thinking about mixxx, Edge radio, project tosca, interviews, the music centre and students.

I’ve today tried to do the voiceover for Ginger. I couldn’t do it for laughing.

Other ideas floating around.

I’m much more relaxed about the thing I was getting frustrated with last week. I’m just doing my own thing. It might not look good but it’s full of value.

But then with a beer (0.0%!) in the very pleasant afternoon sun, listening to the R4 news. It’s all a bit much. The numbers are horrific. Blame all over. Incoherence from the government. Spin. Obvious mistakes. No leadership. We are all fatigued. It’s very hard not to fall into the growing distaste the general public are having for this government and all the lies.

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