29th Virus entry.

Debbie said

We must think of this as a gift. Think big and this is the time for the people.

What will the future look like? A gift!! Brilliant.

Regarding the data app that the government are preparing for contract tracing - its checkmate. I don’t see much point in resisting, if that is your slant?

It’s a concern because if authorities misuse the data, espically against us, then that’s bad. The Eastern hegemony can be framed in a way that causes concern. However our own government has Cummings as their chief advisor. Someone booked precisely because of his skills with meta data and how to influence behaviour and the cognitive map. Emmanuel Kant amongst others have mentioned that all experience can be mistrusted; however you know that you are thinking this in your head so you must be alive (or aware or sentient or whatever you like). Put another way the sum of the angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees because they do, not because you believe they do. (Yes, spheres, clever clogs!)

So there is no use to withhold your info to protect yourself from these ghouls. It will save lives. We must be ever vigilant at this dangerous time Not just against the virus but also from some Orwellian future towards which some in the world are openly and actively trying to direct us.

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