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Message from Lesley Moffat

To All the Musicians at Dursley Music Centre - 


Mr. Swain has told me about the wonderful experiences you get to share with one another through your music classes. I hope that you always find joy when you play music, whether you are by yourself or with your friends. During this time when you can necessarily play or sing along with your friends like you can at school, you can still create, play, and listen to music any time you want to! 


If you find yourself bored or feeling especially creative, use your music as a way to express your emotions and help you feel better - and share your music with your friends.


I can't wait to hear about all the cool stuff you do!


Peace from Seattle, Washington (USA)


Lesley Moffat

Founder, The mPowered Music Educator Academy

Band Director Boot Camp

Author, I Love My Job but It's Killing Me and Love the Job, Lose the Stress